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Essence of Kaohsiung Harbor (one-day tour)

This tour brings together visits to Qijin Islandand the Love River, the waterfront scene at the Port of Kaohsiung, and a tasty snack stop at the renowned Liuho Night Market.
  • From:Kaohsiung
  • Hours of tour:8hours
  • Minimum Persons:1人

Day 1

14:00 Gathering point→City landmark tour(On the way introduction of Kaohsiung city landmark and landscape) →14:30Qijin Island ( Qihou Lighthouse, Qihou Fort, Star Tunnel and Tianhou Temple)(2.hours)→17:00 Pier2 Art Center(20mins) →17:30dinner(30mins)→18:30Golden pineapple castle(pineapple cake DIY)(30mins) →19:30Love River(30mins)→20:30Liuhu Night Market(1hour)→ End of the trip

Weekdays, holidays, consecutive holidays, busy day price
$ 1600
$ 1900
$ 300
$ 300

Related Info

  • (min.2 person. daily tour)
  • Per person :NTD1,900 (NTD300 for child under age 3)
  • Included : Tour bus, English tour guide fee , Ticket for Love Boat and ferry , pineapple cake DIY ,dinner, Travel Liability Insurance NTD2M plus NTD100,000 Medical care insurance and mineral water
  • *Food vender Fee at Liuhu Night Market not included.


  • "Taiwan Tour Bus" journey is reserved upon requested. Tourists can inquire the detailed information with their travel agents.
  • The journey is either on a half-day or one-day basis. All the itineraries can be arranged on a two-days or three-days basis and also can be received with better hotels rate through travel agent service.
  • Price for all "Taiwan Tour Bus" journeys includes transportation, tour guide service and insurance (NT$5 million liability insurance, NT$200,000 medical insurance); Meal and admission ticket are excluded in some tours and all those can be arranged upon requested.
  • Departure point is limited in some specific hotels as each itinerary is indicated.

Additional Inquires