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Visiting the Secret Realm of Ruiyan Wujie

Wujie is a "city in the sky" surrounded by a sea of clouds. It’s also the birthplace of the Atayal "Legend of Breaking Stones."
  • From:Taichung City
  • Days:2 Day
  • Minimum Persons:4 Person

Departs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays AM08:00~08:30

Meeting Points:
AM08:00 at Butler Hotel<Taichung Railway Station>
AM08:10~08:20 at Major Hotels in Taichung city
<nearby Taichung Railway Station、Fengjia Night Market、Shizheng Rd、Park Lane by CMP etc…>
AM08:30 at THSR Taichung Station No.7 Exit
                                          <Police Information Desk>
[If get on at Taichung Airport、Lihpao Resort and exclud 『Taichung』apart from the above,need to pay NT$150 per person]

Day 1


08:00 Taichung Train Station

08:30 THSR Taichung Station

Tiebilun Waterfall (120mins)

→Hongxiang Hot Spring (40mins)

→Aboriginal culture & ecology tour at Ruiyan Tribe (90mins)

→Check in to B&B

Breakfast / X Lunch / X Dinner / O

Day 2


Morning call

Wujie Tribe: Siyuan Suspension Bridge, Wujie Dam, Momonaer Waterfall (180 mins)

→River tracing for 1.5k in Zhuoshui River (30mins) ※Provide shuttle bus to the river and back

Liqixi River + “one-line sky” canyon (60mins)


Breakfast / O Lunch / O Dinner / X


Price (Depending on the definition of the hotel's weekdays and holidays)
$ 5480
$ 5480
Children Without Bed
$ 4030
$ 1500

Related Info

NT$5,480per person

Age Weekday Special Day




Admission tickets

[7 year old]~Adults

5,480 5,780 6,480
[7 year old]~Adults
<in July and August>
5,630 5,930 6,630

[3 year old~6 year old]~Children
<exclude accommodations>

4,030 X

[2 year old]~Infant
<exclude accommodations>

1,500 X X


  • Includes Taiwan Tour Bus fare, insurance, guide, meals and accommodation.
  • Holiday:Saturday;Special Day:Every Friday, Sundays , and the day before or after Consecutive holidays.
  • Not Applicable:Traditional Chinese New Year, and Consecutive holidays
  • Depending on unpredictable circumstances, such as weather & traffic conditions, the order of the visiting route is subject to change.
  • No refund or reduction will be made to any member who breaks the journey from the itinerary or any part of the itinerary in Taiwan.


  • "Taiwan Tour Bus" journey is reserved upon requested. Tourists can inquire the detailed information with their travel agents. The journey is either on a half-day, one-day or two-day basis. For one-day itineraries can be arranged on a two-days basis. And also it can be received with better hotels rate through travel agent service.
  • Price for all "Taiwan Tour Bus" journeys includes transportation, tour guide service and insurance (NT$2 million liability insurance, NT$200,000 medical insurance); Meal and admission ticket are excluded in some tours and all those can be arranged upon requested.
  • Departure point is limited in some specific hotels as each itinerary is indicated. More private and customized tours we can provide! Please email to [email protected] Thank you!.

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