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Tainan Old Street, Historic Offices, and the Narrow Alleys of Anping

Ride a T-BIKE through old Tainan’s alleys and wharfs, enjoying the beautiful scenery as you go.
  • From:Tainan City
  • Hours of tour:7-8 Hours
  • Minimum Persons:3 Person

Day 1

08:30 THSR Tainan Station/ Tainan City hotels
T-BIKE ride around Tainan: Chuan Mei Theater→North Lane Sculptor: Lao De Wooden Sculptures→Famous writer Yeh Shih-tao’s former residence at Snail Alley→Fan Liao Buddha Temple→ Shihshanding→Jintongcheng Shop→Baomei Building→Lot Drawing Alley→Jin Quan Cheng Grain Store→Chi Kan West House→Rice Street→Hulu Alley→ Aimen→Dajingtou
Lunch: Food hunt at Hai’an Rd. and Guohua Str. (refund NT$250 for lunch on own)
→Taijian National Park Visitor Center
T-BIKE ride around Anping : Oyster-shelling →Miao Shou Temple→Anping Recreational Wharf→Anping Harbor Trail→Tayouan Homestay→Lu Mansion→Foreigner Sword-Lion→Wong Ji Shi Mansion→Xilong Temple→Former Julius Mannich Merchant House→Jinxiaojie Art Park→Remains of Fort Zeelandia Northern Wall→surroundings of Anping Old Fort→Yangping Street Old Well→Yangping Street and Gubao Street intersection
→Yuguang Island
→Te-Yang Navy Destroyer Plaza
→Tainan City hotels and THSR Tainan Station

$ 1699
$ 300

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  • "Taiwan Tour Bus" journey is reserved upon requested. Tourists can inquire the detailed information with their travel agents. The journey is either on a half-day, one-day or two-day basis. For one-day itineraries can be arranged on a two-days basis. And also it can be received with better hotels rate through travel agent service.
  • Price for all "Taiwan Tour Bus" journeys includes transportation, tour guide service and insurance (NT$2 million liability insurance, NT$200,000 medical insurance); Meal and admission ticket are excluded in some tours and all those can be arranged upon requested.
  • Departure point is limited in some specific hotels as each itinerary is indicated. More private and customized tours we can provide! Please email to [email protected] Thank you!.

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