1. Q1. I would like to ask us to travel from abroad to participate in the trip, but the Taiwan region is not very familiar with the service staff can guide to the location or delivery service?

    Welcome to "Taiwantourbus" to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan

    To facilitate the convenience of sightseeing and tourism services for both domestic and foreign travelers in Taiwan, the "Travelers' Guide to Taiwan" is provided by the Ministry of Tourism, which is a convenient, comfortable and friendly sightseeing tour service. Hotels, airports and stations to provide guests with the full range of traffic, guided tours (Chinese, English, Japanese tour guide) intimate service, so you can easily enjoy the fun of sightseeing.

  2. Q2. Is there a guided tour?

    Hello! Our tour guide has a guide (including Chinese, English, Japanese tour guide)! Welcome to the order before the demand also first to the service staff